A Place Called Home

A Place Called Home and A Place Called Home Families provides permanent supportive housing placements for chronically homeless individuals with a disability and for families that include a parent with a disability. Both programs include coordinating additional services such as life skills training, applying for and maintaining government benefits, crisis counseling and money management.  

Currently, Ability1st provides stable housing for 45 chronically homeless adults and 13 families. Each individual or family in the program works with an Ability1st housing coordinator who negotiates leases with local landlords, processes rent payments, and documents the progress of their Individual Service Plan, which includes long-term goals set by the consumer.  

“We work with our consumers as they set long-term goals and determine how they are going to reach them. I start by asking them ‘now that you have housing, what do you want to do that you couldn’t work on before?’” explains Dee Humose, Ability1st Housing Coordinator. “This may include earning a GED, saving enough money to buy a car, or repair relationships with family. I am here to remind them of their goals, but they do the work necessary to meet them.”

More than 90 percent of people who participate in the program are able to maintain stable housing. For more information, visit our profile of Turquoise Palmer.

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Ability1st, the Center for Independent Living of North Florida, is a community-based nonprofit organization that provides services to persons with varying disabilities. Ability1st serves Leon, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Gadsden, and Wakulla counties.