Wendy Strickland

The walkway to Wendy Strickland’s front door was getting dangerous for her to maneuver. She is legally blind and uses a cane to get from the bus to her steps. When the concrete began cracking in the sidewalk, the trip to her front door became unsafe. Her ophthalmologist’s office suggested she contact Ability1st.

The Ability1st Nursing Home Diversion program and an organized group of volunteers joined forces to build a ramp to Strickland’s front door. She is now able to move safely in and out of her home. “I got off the bus and I was hot and tired from working with the Salvation Army all day. I saw the new ramp and my mood changed instantly. I was honeymoon happy and peacock proud,” said Strickland.

When asked about working Ability1st to get her ramp Strickland said, “Marquesas was excellent to work with. She was very sensitive to my feelings and addressed any concerns I had during the process.”

“The bus driver spotted the new ramp and offered to be the first to walk me up. I told him no thanks, a queen can walk by herself,” explained Strickland. “Because of the ramp and railings, now I am able to walk up to my door without my cane".

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Ability1st, the Center for Independent Living of North Florida, is a community-based nonprofit organization that provides services to persons with varying disabilities. Ability1st serves Leon, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Gadsden, and Wakulla counties.