Our Staff
First Name Last Name Position E-mail
Daniel Moore Executive Director danmoore@ability1st.info
Richard Atherton Access to Independence Program Assistant / FTRI richardatherton@ability1st.info
Heather Barta Quit Smoking Now / Mental Health Outreach heatherbarta@ability1st.info
Sue Belford Wakulla County HSHT suebelford@ability1st.info
Holly Bernardo Assistant Director hollybernardo@ability1st.info
Elyse Brodeur Director of Finance & Administration elysebrodeur@ability1st.info
David Caufield IL Resources Coordinator davidcaufield@ability1st.info
Tina Ferfort Administrative Assistant tinaferfort@ability1st.info
Callie Funderburk Special Events Coordinator calliefunderburk@ability1st.info
Barbara Groves Financial Director in Training barbaragroves@ability1st.info
Patti Horowitz Victim Assistance Coordinator pattihorowitz@ability1st.info
Dee Humose Supportive Housing Coordinator deehumose@ability1st.info
LaRhonda Larkins Supportive Housing Specialist / Community Wellness Counselor larhondalarkins@ability1st.info
Melissa Malone Leon HSHT / Victim Assistance Specialist melissamalone@ability1st.info
Wanda McKenzie Benefits Specialist wandamckenzie@ability1st.info
Kristen Neeley Program Support Specialist kristenneeley@ability1st.info
Kevin Ogden Access to Independence Program Manager kevinogden@ability1st.info
Lakysha Perkins Gadsden County HSHT Coordinator lakyshaperkins@ability1st.info
Gwen Peters Benefits Specialist gwenpeters@ability1st.info
Sharon Scherbarth Wakulla County HSHT sharonscherbarth@ability1st.info
Shelley Shaul Office Manager / SHIP Coordinator shelleyshaul@ability1st.info
Pamela Sykes Mental Health Outreach Coordinator pamelasykes@ability1st.info
Bruce Weaver Independent Living Coordinator bruceweaver@ability1st.info
Andrea Wiggins Family Housing Coordinator andreawiggins@ability1st.info